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5/04/2009 - Prom Night

Saturday night, May 2nd, was prom for DeSmet.  Steven took Angie and they had a great time.  Mike Wente went with Jacqueline Grewe.  Prom was at the Hyatt in downtown St. Louis.  Angie flew in from Colorado to go with Steven.  They had dinner, danced, and had a great evening.  The DeSmet boys were sad to say goodbye to each other as this is it until graduation.  There was a good time had by all. 

Check back for updates on Steven's upcoming surgery. 


4/30/2009 - Big News in Steven's Life

 Men Of The Year
Congratulations to the twelve seniors chosen as "Men of the Year" at DeSmet.  Included are Mike Wente and Steven.   They were awarded the prestigious "Men of the Year" award at school Wednesday.  There are twelve boys chosen in the graduating class, like the twelve apostles.

                           More Great News

Steven has been accepted to The University of Tulsa.  Because of their generosity, he will be attending with his friend Mike this fall. He will be starting his new life this fall, after another surgery, with a wonderful group of people at a phenominal University.  Steven is so grateful for this chance to better himself.  Thank you to everyone at Tulsa for making Steven's dreams come true!!


4/13/2009 - Steven and Mike at the Masters

 Mike Wente and Steven are returning from The Masters.  They had a great time at the most beautiful golf course they have ever seen.  They came home with lots of treasures and souvenirs.  The final round was very exciting and they are so grateful they had the chance to be there.


3/09/2009 - Valentines Day Event a Huge Success

Check out the Event page for a video and pictures of the event.


1/30/2009 - Mom Prom at DeSmet

What a great time for us mom's at DeSmet with our handsome son's Sunday night.  Mom Prom was a great time and lots of fun.  It is a great blessing to see Steven have such fun with his friends, just as he should.  The boys all had a super time.  So did us moms! What great dance moves the boys have and what fun they share amongst themselves.  It was a special evening.  Thanks for all of your support!!


1/18/2009 - New Additions to the McDonough Family

It's twins! Steven was given a gift of two poodle puppies. What a great gift! He is thrilled, sort of. Milton will always be his favorite. Steven is starting another therapy next week. We will pray it will bring a positive addition to his already solid regime. The DeSmet boys are working hard on Steven's CORD Foundation Valentine's Day Event. They are doing a super job to make the evening really special. Thank you for your help and interest.


1/02/2009 - Happy 2009!!

Mitch came in from Pittsburgh and it was like old times withMike, Mitch, and Steven. Melissa, Amy, and Bo got to visit as well. The kids are having a great holiday break. The DeSmet boys are working hard to produce a wonderful Valentine's Evening for those of you who can come. Frank Cusumano is going to be the emcee and we are beginning to collect auction items. It should be a great time!!
Have a great weekend!


2/21/2008 - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Here are some of Steven's senior pics for you to see. Steven chose this for his senior yearbook quote. It is very appropriate. He wore his livestrong yellow bracelet everyday for the last year and a half...even in surgery...

"Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever." Lance Armstrong


12/14/2008 -Finals Week

It is finals week at DeSmet for the boys and Steven and Mike are studying diligently.
Steven is enjoying helping manage the basketball team at DeSmet. He has a great time.
We are all looking forward to a great Christmas Holiday and wish you all the same!!


11/29/2008 - Happy Thanksgiving to All

Happy Thanksgiving!! This year brought a much happier holiday than last. Steven was very sick last year and spent the evening in the emergency room, not breathing and in great pain. This year he has eaten all my chocolate chip cookies and most of the turkey! Lots to be thankful for, especially the miracle of Steven's recovery. We pray for all of you and your requests and hope you have had a super holiday. Enjoy the pictures. We miss you Mike Wente...come home soon!


11-16-2008 - Update for this week.

It has been a busy week. Mike Wente turned 18 and had a great birthday.
Steven got accepted to Regis Jesuit University with a scholarship. He is applying
to several universities. DeSmet's hockey team won Friday night 4 to 3, and the soccer team won 3 to 0. They are going to the semi finals. The Odyssey Auction was a huge success and all had a wonderful time. Steven is feeling well and looking forward to school next week.
More soon!

Mike Wente and Steven on Mike's 18th Birthday

Frank Barone


11-8-2008 - Steven says, "I'm good. Thanks."

Steven is taking the ACT's this week and has been working on strengthening his neck and stretching. He works out four days a week and also goes to school four days a week. Steven had an MRI this week and it was good. There is a spot at the bottom of his surgical sight that also may be scar tissue. It will be watched with MRI's. The DeSmet football team lost last night and the season is over for them. Steven's friends are planning an event for their senior project which will benefit Steven's CORD foundation. Please check the event page soon for news.

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